Slovenian Milk Interfaces 1964-2014

A equipa Fabrico Próprio participou na BIO 50 na área/tema Knowing Food, um dos 11 grupos internacionais que pensaram, discutiram, colaboraram e construíram os conteúdos da última edição da 24ª edição da Bienal de Design de Ljubljana, que decorreu entre 18 de Setembro e 7 de Dezembro de 2015.

O projecto Slovenian Milk Interfaces 1964 – 2014 aborda a forma como o leite tem sido embalado, consumido e projectado como produto – artesanal, semi-industrial, industrial? – na Eslovénia durante os últimos 50 anos.

Slovenian Milk Interfaces 1964-2014 is a visual essay dedicated to the preservation, packaging and presentation of milk in Slovenia during the last 50 years. It’s also the contribution of Fabrico Próprio to Knowing Food, one of the 11 teams/themes of BIO 50, the 24th edition of the Ljubljana Design Biennial.

By focusing on interfaces that range from UHT and pasteurised milk packages to the Mlekomat, Slovenia’s raw milk vending machine system, this timeline shows how advances in technology and choices in representation reflect the increasingly complex design of a product, but also of the relationship between its producers and consumers.

Exhibition view
Market stand milk tasting © Pedro Ferreira
Market stand milk tasting © Pedro Ferreira
Raw Milk from the Mlekomat © Pedro Ferreira
Pedro and Frederico with Prof. Janez Bogataj, Slovenia’s foremost ethnologist and food culture/heritage specialist. © Carla Cardoso
Mlekomat in downtown Ljubljana © Rita João
Mlekomat in downtown Ljubljana © Rita João
Last-minute purchases © Frederico Duarte
Mlekomat in downtown Ljubljana © Rita João
Research © Frederico Duarte
Research © Frederico Duarte
Research © Frederico Duarte
Research © Frederico Duarte
Research © Frederico Duarte

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